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When is the right time to plan?

The average life expectancy in the U.S. continues to rise and living longer means you will need more money to retire. The earlier you plan for retirement, the more time is on your side.

Why plan your retirement with a fee-only financial planner?

The simple answer is fee-only advisors earn more by earning you more.

Fee-only advisors are held to the fiduciary standard, a legal responsibility to do what is best for the client. A commissioned or fee-based advisor, on the other hand, is held to the suitability standard. They are only required to sell a “suitable” product. That product may or may not be what is best for the client.

Where should I start?

It is important to work with an experienced financial planner to decide on your goals, time frame and risk tolerance. Going through this process with a fee-only advisor ensures there is not a specific product or tactic that is being “sold” to you. Call Davis Capital Management at (904) 223.0510 to set up a free consultation or click here and we will contact you.

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