fee-only fiduciary
We take pride in the fact that we are fee-only.

As a fee-only firm, our interests are directly aligned with our clients’ interests – and it is important that our clients and prospective clients understand what this means. As fee-only advisors, we are held to the fiduciary standard — meaning we have a legal responsibility to do what is best for our clients.

Our advisors are not paid commissions. Our only compensation comes directly from you, our clients.

Our fees are tied to the level of assets under management that you have with us. Consequently, we benefit (along with you) when your account balance is rising, and receive less compensation if it declines.

Put simply, the only way we can make more money is by earning more money for our clients.

Our fees are clearly communicated to each client and never hidden inside a mutual fund or insurance product.  Since you always know what you are paying, you can easily determine whether you are getting good value.

Many of our competitors are fee-based or commission-based. These types of advisors receive compensation not only from the client, but from third-party commissions as well. These third parties, typically mutual funds or insurance companies, are interested in selling certain investment products and pay a commission to an advisor to push those products. It is easy to see how this system could present the advisor with potentially conflicting goals.

Where does that leave you, the client?

A commissioned or fee-based advisor is held to the suitability standard, which requires an advisor to sell a “suitable” product. That product may or may not be what is best for the client.

Helping an individual or family decide how to effectively plan for their financial future requires a high level of trust. We don’t take that consideration lightly.

We work tirelessly to earn and preserve the trust of our clients. A key part of maintaining and growing that trusting relationship is being 100 percent transparent and honest about our financial interest in client funds.

Our interests are directly aligned with our clients. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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