What is financial planning?

ByTroy Davis

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We have all seen the financial ads on television and the internet and heard them on radio. With so many voices competing to give you financial advice, most of it just comes across as noise. But how do you answer the questions like “What’s the best way to save for college?” or “Did I make the right investment choices for my 401k?” Sometimes it seems like there are so many decisions that we feel as if we are in over our heads.

When asked, most people can’t go into detail about whether they should have a revocable or irrevocable trust. They don’t have the experience to know all the pitfalls in a 20-page insurance contract or whether they should choose a Roth or traditional IRA. Making the right decisions could amount to substantial amounts of money over your lifetime and taking the time to understand your choices is paramount. This is where a good financial planner can make a difference.

When you sit down with a financial planner, they will want to get to know you and get a good understanding of your financial life. They will ask questions on multiple topics such as investments, insurance, spending and income in order to fully understand your situation. You should almost think of it as a doctor doing a physical examination. Advisors need data in order to see if something is wrong. Once an advisor has a good understanding of your situation they can make recommendations on any concerns you may have.

Davis Capital advisors can help with investment decisions, mortgages, insurance, estate planning, saving for college, trusts and all aspects of wealth management.

Most of the time it takes a life event such as retirement, changing jobs or birth of a child to get us to take charge of our financial well-being. Even if everything appears to be okay, it never hurts to get a financial checkup. You could be missing a simple change, which over time could mean the difference between successful or unsuccessful retirement planning.

Worried about a recommendation you have received? Let Davis Capital Management give you a second opinion. Our status as an independent fee-only registered investment advisor sets us apart from everyone else. As a true fiduciary, we are transparent and legally bound to act in the client’s best interest. Federal and state law insists that we act solely in the best interest of the client, even if that interest is in conflict with our own well-being. Call us today at (904) 223-0510.

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