At the GTM Research Reserve in Ponte Vedra, Florida, visitors can explore nature up close and learn about the diversity of coastal habitats. With 1,600 acres of estuaries, salt marshes, maritime forests, dunes and beaches, the Reserve offers numerous opportunities for research, education and stewardship of the environment. Take a guided tour or stroll along trails that wind through the various habitats to experience nature firsthand. Click for more info.

Guided Activities at the Reserve

Visitors to the GTM Research Reserve can take part in a variety of guided activities designed to help them discover the wonders of nature. Guided beach walks take participants along the shoreline, exploring sandy habitats and learning about maritime life. Kayak tours provide an opportunity to explore estuaries up close, with knowledgeable guides on hand to point out interesting wildlife and plants. The Reserve also offers educational programs for all ages, teaching visitors more about the coastal environment and its inhabitants.

Experiencing Nature Firsthand Through Trails

The GTM Research Reserve offers visitors the opportunity to experience nature firsthand through its trails. These paths wind through the various habitats, offering visitors a chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat and learn more about the importance of conservation. There are also several boardwalks that provide access to the salt marshes and estuaries, giving visitors a chance to experience these unique ecosystems up close. Visitors can take advantage of guided activities such as beach walks or kayak tours, or explore on their own at their own pace. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just out for a leisurely stroll, the Reserve provides an ideal setting for connecting with nature. Experience nature up close at the GTM Research Reserve and discover its wonders for yourself!

The Benefits of Education and Stewardship

In addition to providing opportunities for research and recreation, the GTM Research Reserve also serves as an important educational tool. With a variety of programs and activities designed to teach visitors about the coastal environment, the Reserve is a great way to learn more about conservation and stewardship. By experiencing nature firsthand and understanding its importance, visitors gain an appreciation for the natural world around them. This connection to nature helps build awareness of environmental issues and encourages individuals to become active in protecting our planet’s fragile ecosystems. More.


Visiting the GTM Research Reserve is an ideal way to explore nature up close. With its abundance of habitats, trails and guided activities, the Reserve provides visitors with a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural environment and learn about conservation. Through educational programs and outdoor recreation, visitors gain an appreciation for the importance of stewardship and environmental protection. Discover the wonders of nature at the GTM Research Reserve – experience it firsthand and become more aware of our fragile ecosystems!

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