If you’re looking for a place to play, explore, or simply relax, then James Weldon Johnson Park located at 135 W Monroe St, Jacksonville, FL 32202 is the place for you. Originally a village green, it is the first city park and is the oldest in the area. It offers visitors a chance to get outdoors, walk or bike through a beautiful park, and enjoy the beautiful weather in the process.

The park is 1.5 acres in size and is the oldest and largest public park in Jacksonville. It was first designated as a city park in the plans of Isaiah Hart, but his family transferred ownership to the city in 1866. Additional info. Then, it was renamed St. James Park after the newly-built hotel. This lasted for thirty years. Then, in 2010, the city renamed it to honor its former namesake.

The park was first opened in 1960 and was named after James Weldon Johnson, a civil rights activist. It is now the largest public park in the United States and is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Nearly 3,000 people demonstrated peacefully in the plaza, which is now known as James Weldon. This demonstration was the catalyst for integration of public accommodations. Today, it is a popular destination for Jacksonville visitors and residents.

The park is located near the Grand River and the Atlantic Ocean. It has enough outdoor recreation and tourist attractions for visitors to be happy. However, some businesses may be closed because of global health issues. For this reason, it is advisable to check with the local authorities before visiting. And don’t forget to visit the nearby restaurants and shops. You won’t regret it! Once you’re in Jacksonville, you’ll enjoy a day at the park.

The park is a beautiful and historic place. The area was once peaceful, but in the 1970s racial tensions rose again, resulting in a mass shooting. Learn More about Jacksonville here. On February 12, 1900, the NAACP’s leadership gathered in Jacksonville and advised city officials on how to stop the violence. The protesters’ demands to integrate the park and the surrounding city’s businesses were met with resistance.

The new park is located across from City Hall in downtown Jacksonville. In November 2015, the City Council passed a bill renaming Hemming Plaza to honor the late civil rights activist, lawyer, educator, and composer, James Weldon Johnson. The city renamed the park as a tribute to the man who was responsible for bringing about the civil rights movement in the country. The park has become a popular destination for Jacksonville, so you won’t want to miss out.

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