The Karpeles Manuscript Library located at 101 W 1st St, Jacksonville, FL 32206, is one of fifteen such museums in the United States. Housed in historic buildings, they have a fascinating history of manuscript preservation. A great place to also visit is Museum of Science of History. Visitors can explore the artifacts displayed in the museum by learning about their origins, including the first known use of this manuscript. The artifacts in the collection were gathered by the Karpeles Manuscript Library in the early nineteenth century and have been conserved by the institution since.

The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum was established in 1992 and is privately owned by David Karpeles. Originally a professor of mathematics, he made his fortune in real estate and took up manuscript collecting. He opened several manuscript libraries across the country in the 1980s and has since built one of the largest private collections in the world. The Karpeles Manuscript Gallery in Jacksonville FL has three or four exhibits on display from his own collection, as well as six art exhibits.

The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum is one of the ten Karpeles Manuscript Library museums in the United States. The museum is dedicated to presenting the great writings of the past and present. It also seeks to promote education and literacy in the city, especially in underserved areas. The collection was donated by David and Marsha and the museum was opened in 1992. It is situated in the historic Springfield neighborhood. The building, built in 1921, is a contributing property to the Springfield Historic District. It is listed as SP-61 by the Jacksonville Historic Landmarks Commission. Browse around this site.

Among the notable collections of the Karpeles Manuscript Library include the original Bill of Rights proposal signed by Abraham Lincoln, the Justification letter that accompanied the Declaration of Independence, and the Final Declaration of Allegiance Treaty signed by every tribe in the U.S. and the President. In addition, there are original drafts of foreign constitutions and other documents. The collection also includes rare items that are not available anywhere else.

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