The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium is a public space museum located at 1025 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207. You can visit the planetarium during its opening weekend, November 11-14. This museum is free to enter with paid museum admission, which costs $10 for adults and $8.50 for military members. Children ages three and under are admitted free. A special planetarium night will be held each Friday during the opening weekend. A great post.

The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium is the largest single lens planetarium in the world, and has an immersive dome of 60 feet in diameter. The dome utilizes Konica Minolta Super MediaGlobe II technology to offer superior resolution and immersive theater experiences. Visitors will be able to enjoy shows in three different categories, including 3D, 360-degree, and IMAX. During the day, the Planetarium is open from noon to 8 p.m. The facility is closed on Sundays.

The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium is a must-see experience for families and children. This state-of-the-art space was constructed in 1988 and features the largest single-lens planetarium in the United States. Programs focus on deep space exploration, the dynamic planet, and the human experience. Browse next article. Professional educators lead the show, which seats about 200 people. The museum was founded by Alexander Brest, a businessman who generously donated the building.

The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium Jacksonville FL hosts award-winning exhibits. Currents of Time, Atlantic Tales, and Florida Naturalist’s Center are among the highlights. There are also rotating exhibits from other museums and signature collections from guest curators. The planetarium’s renovated setting allows for better viewing experiences for all visitors. If you want to learn more about the history of space exploration, the planetarium is definitely the place to go.

The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium Jacksonville FL is located in the Alexander Brest Science Theatre. This space theater was built in 1988 and is equipped with a 60-foot projection screen and a JBL stereo sound system. The theater can accommodate 200 people. The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium was named after the Alexander Brest donation. It originally used a DORK automation system, but in 1996 it switched to a JHE automation system.

The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium’s star-shaped dome was built in the 1960s with a donation from Alexander Brest. In the early days, the theater used Dove X/DORK automation systems, but was later upgraded to a JHE automation system. During this time, the museum has expanded to more than 37,500 square feet of space. The museum offers educational experiences for children and adults alike.

The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium features a new projector, which provides the audience with a clear image of the night sky. The projection system features a 10000:1 contrast ratio and 4096 x 2400-pixel resolution. The projection system also has an integrated digital iris and a multi-touch screen. The MediaGlobe II projector has been designed to project 118,000 stars.

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